John Tyerman Ian Crammond and Nigel Langstaff  – UK

Noel & Adam Gaunt are performing very well with the offspring Vanneste-Rigole from Dream Breed Loft Taveirne-Rigole. Yearly Mr Noël and Adam Gaunt are looking to introduce something good on their pigeonloft  to be raced with many success on different races and distances:

08R 44  –          100% Taveirne Rigole Bloodlines
2010 –   9th Fed Falaise 340 Mls
17th Fed   Poitiers  502 Mls
2011–  Not Raced
2012–  1st Club, 2nd Fed, 2nd Leeds Amal, 10th Mid Yorkshire Combine Poitiers  502 Mls  882 Birds

11E 82 – 50% Taveirne Rigole Bloodlines 50% Jan Aarden
2011– 17th Fed, 28th Leeds Amal Carentan Young Birds 307 Mls
2012– 1st Club, 2nd Fed, 3rd Leeds Amal, 8th Mid Yorkshire Combine Falaise 1 340 Mls 2390 Birds
11th Fed, 20th Leeds Amal  Poitiers  502 Mls

11E 71  –  100% Taveirne Rigole Bloodlines

2011–14th Fed,  20th Leeds Amal Carentan Young Birds 307 Mls
2012–   10th Fed, 11th Leeds Amal, 29th Mid Yorkshire Combine  Le Mans  403 Mls   1454 Birds 6th Fed, 12th Leeds Amal Falaise 2  340 Mls

11E 73  –  100% Taveirne Rigole Bloodlines
2012–12th Fed, 21st Leeds Amal  Falaise 1 340 Mls

1st Club 6th Fed, 7th Leeds Amal, 19th Mid Yorkshire Combine   Le Mans  403 Mls   1454 Birds

11E 74  –          100% Taveirne Rigole Bloodlines

2011–  20th Fed, 32nd Leeds Amal  Carentan Young Birds  307 Mls
2012– 9th Fed, 10th Leeds Amal, 26th Mid Yorkshire Combine Le Mans 403 Mls 1454 Birds

The runners-up in section K were Noel and Adam Gaunt, who also timed a second pigeon to take third section. The second section winner is a Tavierne – Rigole x Jan Aarden, the sire of wich was bred by Russ Hardcastle of Leeds and it is proving to be a top stock cock for the partners. Being relatively new to national racing, the majority of the partner’s race results previously have been at federation level.

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Alexandre-Alberto – Portugal

Alexandre-Alberto – Portugal

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John Tyerman – Ian Crammond and Nigel Langstaff UK

John Tyerman – Ian Crammond and Nigel Langstaff UK

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Ivan & Gunnar Delrue Bovekerke

Ivan & Gunnar Delrue Bovekerke

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